30 Years selling Dry Cleaning Point of Sale Systems

Resource Downloads

Latest Version BDE Database Server 5.2 Upgrade This will clean up the database engine and reinstall the drivers. Use if you are having issues with data (Items not pricing correctly or Tickets not saving)

Download the Manual

Download the Resource files for Customer Web Interface - These files are used to create a website that links to the Vivaldi database directly. .Net Support. These are sample website pages.

Download the Integrated Vivaldi Customer Website Upgrade ($199.00 New Purchases. Call 760.524.8181 to setup. You will be required to have a static ip on you cable or DSL connection. Contact your internet provider for pricing and setup of the "Static IP") This will allow you to host your own website.  

Download Latest Epson Drivers - This is the windows driver that works with all version of windows for the POS Epson printers. (except Vista Premium and 64 bit Windows) - Epson current does not support 64 bit

Download Full Epson Drivers

If you need further technical assistance, please call us at (562) 276-1314. Espon Drivers current do not support 64 bit Systems.

Download Virtual Keyboard

Download Star TSP100/TSP650 Drivers Windows 7 32 bit

Download Vivaldi Load Instructions - This is a manual load instructions that should not need to be used unless you have issues with the standard install.

New Email Files Download if you want the New Email Module - Automatically email Tickets and Receipts to Customers.  Use with Quick Drop offs and Email after Markin  - Vivaldi will set this up for $49.95 Call today 760.680.1037)

Click Here for the Email Module Setup - This requires Vivaldi 4 latest Version. 

Click Here if you do not have an email server that accepts outside emails.   (There is a one time cost for this email server $34.95)

Download Vivaldi Support Contract

Download Sample Cashdrawer Batch Files

Download the Timecard Program connects to the Vivaldi Menu - Install this and the licensed version (if you purchase it) into the c:\vivaldi folder for the menu in vivaldi to work.

Download a Remote App for Vivaldi Server
Call for Demo of Using Vivaldi on a hosted website. $49.00 a month free setup. You use any windows computer to run vivaldi on our hosted server. Internet required.

Download a free Barcode font

For Support from Vivaldi you can use and we can support you remotely.

Free Remote Control Program for Windows

Clean copy of Database drivers. Override Database files in the c:\Program Files\common files\borland shared\bde folder. This will fix issues with created tickets on 2 or more stations at the same time. Put these files in each computer. then optimize and cleanup on the server after you reboot.

Vivaldi Now Support Processing Credit Cards with PPI as well as Here are the setup files for PPI or PayPros

Borland BDE for Windows 7.

Database Editors to Manage your own data

DBF Editor

Paradox - Dbase Editor

DBF Viewer / Editor

New Delivery Report with AR Totals

Display Pole Drivers