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Running any business is an in-depth exercise which requires full-time attention and often more. To say it’s a major commitment is an understatement but it’s an accurate portrayal. Intelligent business owners and operators are always looking for an edge, a helping hand which allows them to keep their business running smoothly. The dry cleaning software we offer is a perfect example of this. It’s a true-life illustration of the adage to “work smarter, not harder.”

Vivaldi Systems launched in 1984, and we are still running strong. We are one of the first and oldest software for dry cleaning (and primarily point of sale) companies. We have been selling our software internationally for more than 35 years. Over time, our business gradually expanded into something we’ve never dreamed of before. Nevertheless, our primary goal still stands, which is to serve users by providing easy-to-use software with practical and essential features they’ll love. Not only do we occupy a very specialized niche in the market, one that we pioneered because we saw a need and decided to fill it, but we also offer a user-friendly product. It’s not good business to sell an item or service which provides more headaches than it solves. Our easy-to-use dry cleaning software is a tool, and like all effective tools, it makes quick work of the job while being simple to operate.

Special $495 (req. $995)

•Follow Enterprise Professional Software/Installation Only
•Full Point of Sale Software
•Cloud based system with your data stored in the Cloud
•2 Hours of Installation and Training
•30 days Initial Voice support (2 hour limit)
•Free Upgrades for the Life of the Store
•Free Emailing of Ticket/Marketing Coupons/Pickup Reminders/Automatic Nightly Backup
•$9.95 Monthly Hosting Fee - Unlimited stations under 1 Store name

Dry Cleaning Software

Special $695 Local Server/No Monthly Fee

Our product is intuitive, which means it’s a breeze to figure out and use. We’ll even help you get started with installation and introductory training, and there are helpful videos on our YouTube channel as well as ongoing support. You can rely upon this package to handle all aspects of your business from pricing to tickets to receipts to billing and delivery management, depending upon the package you choose.

Contact us to learn more about how our software can help you and your business. We are proud to serve customers across the nation.


We can customize a package that fits your needs

Enterprise Point of Sale Software (Cloud)

$495 (reg $995) Our Enterprise Cloud software Only
•Affordable and Easy to use Dry Cleaning Software.
•Follow Enterprise Professional Dry Cleaning Software System
•2 Hours of Installation and Training
•30 days Initial Voice support (2 hour limit)
•Free Upgrades for the Life of the Store
•Free Emailing & SMS Texting of Ticket/Marketing Coupons/Pickup Reminders/Automatic Nightly Backup
•Microsoft Azure Cloud Ultimate Hosting at $19.95 a month (Extremely stable) or the Basic Hosting at $9.95 a month at Hosting. - Unlimited stations under 1 Store name

Professional Point of Sale Software (Local)

$695 (reg $1,295) Our Professional software Only installed locally
30 days voice support and free upgrades for the life of the store.
•Affordable and Easy to use Dry Cleaning Software.
•Follow Enterprise Professional Dry Cleaning Software System
•2 Hours of Installation and Training
•30 days Initial Voice support (2 hour limit)
•Automatic Backup not included/Upgrades $24.95
•Free Emailing & SMS Texting of Ticket/Marketing Coupons/Pickup Reminders/Automatic Nightly Backup (Internet required)
•No monthly fee and no internet required to run (Internet required to install only)

$2,295 (reg $2,995) Classic 1 Station Full System

Vivaldi Professional Dry Cleaning Software System
•1 Dell Inspiron Windows 11 64 Bit Computer
•1 Dell 21" or higher Touch Screen Monitor
•1 Steel Black Automatic Opening MS Cashdrawer
•1 USB Star TSP 100 Thermal Printer
•1 USB Star SP 700 Tag Printer (for Clothes Tags)
•1 USB Barcode Reader
•Cloud or Local Database Setup and installed
•2 Hours of Installation and Training
•30 days Initial Voice support (2 hour limit)
•Free Upgrades for the Life of the Store with the Cloud option
•Free Emailing of Ticket/Marketing Coupons/Pickup Reminders
•Local Version - You own the software - Limited to 1 station and 1 location license

•Cloud Version - $9.95 a Month Includes - Unlimited stations per location license, free upgrades and 1 free 30 min support call a month


Follow is a full Point of Sale system for your store, managing pricing, sales, printing tickets and receipts, cashdrawer manager and many many reports. This system will track customers, clothes throughout the cleaning process and give you a way to manage your store instead of the store managing you.


Follow includes an integrated billing system that will allow customers tickets to be placed on account and allow you to charge or send a statement at he end of the month. This includes billing delivery customers, hotel valet accounts and wholesale accounts.


Follow includes a full delivery management system that assigns customers to routes and stops, maps the routes, prints pickup reports and full delivery manifests. The System also includes automatic credit card billing and monthly accounts as well as an integrated website for customers to signup for delivery, management and pay their bills online.


  • Dry Cleaning Software

    Main Menu

    Follow has a simple to use menu that is dynamically changed based on the user who logs in. You have control as an owner of what screens the employees have access to as well as a system that monitors every action in the history file.

  • Dry Cleaning Software

    Pickup Window

    Simple to use pickup window with the flexibility of Selecting any combination of customers tickets, view what items are on the ticket, select partial ticket pickups, pay only no pickup, partial pay pickups that keep the remaining balance on the system for when the customer returns. The System includes Coupons, Discounts, loyalty system, deposits, and supports all forms of payment including a built in credit card processing.

  • Dry Cleaning Software

    Customer Module

    Customer management is the strength of the system. All customers are kept in the system, monitoring not only their tickets and clothes but also all the marketing information to keep a pulse on who your top and low customers are. Automatic marketing emails are available to send to new customer, customers who have not visiting in awhile and even loyalty rewards automatically awared to your top customers.

  • Dry Cleaning Software

    Write Ticket

    The Write Ticket window has everything on one screen to quick write tickets and print and get the customer out the door. The System includes hunders of item pictures or you can chose to use buttons. Colors and fabrics and upcharges are right on the screen allowing you the piece of mind that your counter person is pricing correctly.


  • Dry Cleaning Software


    Follow has the ability to send customer custom emails and texts to any customer onfile, absent customer over 30,60,90 days, new customers, Tickets not picked up, VIP customer who spent over so much money with you, etc....

  • Dry Cleaning Software

    Access from Anywhere

    The Vivaldi Follow System can be accessed from anywhere. Download the App on as many Windows devices and you like and login to the store from anywhere in the world like you were right there at the counter.

  • Dry Cleaning Software

    Advanced Sales Tools

    Marketing Sales Reporting and Tools allow you to Analyze and Report on Customers to send Marketing Emails, Newsletters, Coupons, and texts to increase sales and customer loyalty

  • Dry Cleaning Software

    Web and Phone App
    Customers can access their Tickets, Accounts and Delivery Schedules online using the website and Phones. Signup for Delivery Service, Pay Tickets and Accounts, Look up Prices, Management Delivery Accounts and Search for Delivery Services.